Delivery Information

Laptop Spares a devision of Laptop Mechanic Delivery Information - may from time to time change our designated courier company without prior notice to the customer. 

The Courier fee charged by the designated courier company is not under Laptop Mechanic’s control, therefore it is subjected to change. The frequency and magnitude of such change are entirely up to the courier company. The customer must obtain quote for the delivery costs for each individual order. The customer’s failure to do so will be seen as tacitly accept the courier fee charged to the final invoice.

Cut-off time for goods to be dispatched on the same day to the couriers (exclude parcels to be sent via Speed Services and normal post) is 3:00 pm every day. All orders placed by the Customer, whether via telephone or email, after 3:00 pm will be processed on a best-effort basis. Laptop Mechanic will not be responsible for any economic losses or inconvenience suffered as a result of not dispatching such orders on the same day.

Take note Laptop Mechanic LIABILITY IS EXCLUDED as well as that of its employees or agents for loss, damage, and delay in certain circumstances. It is your duty to obtain insurance cover to protect your interests.

Laptop Mechanic shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the goods. Where Customers lodge a claim and Laptop Mechanic chooses to accept limited liability as specified herein, then and in such a case, no such claim shall be considered unless the Customer and/or Sender lodges a claim in writing within 48 hours after delivery of the goods to the Recipient. We reiterate claims received after this time period will not be considered.

The Customer and/or Sender shall advise TCG in writing, strictly within 48 hours, of the damaged/ lost or stolen goods being delivered/or expected to receive, at No claims will be entertained if not received within the 48-hour notice period;


Delivery Information

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Shipping instructions

We make it simple to get your device repaired no matter where you live in South Africa. 

If your device needs a screen, keyboard replacement or another replacement part, you will have your device is back in your hands in about 48 hours from the time you send it!


We need your details for a courier collection.

 Name and Surname :

Contact number :

email address :

Collection address :

Postal code:


 How to pack a laptop for shipping

  • Prepare the laptop.
  • Take photos of the laptop from all sides and send to
  • Place the laptop in its original padded box
  • Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials, such as packing peanuts.
  • or use bubble wrap to securely wrap the laptop.
  • Pack all additional components separately.
  • Seal the box with adhesive tape.
  • You can also ask the courier to add a warning label saying “Fragile” or “Handle with care” on the box.